Take Back the Light


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Any purchase over $50,000 will immediately generate $3000 relief aid to Israel.


SHOPPERS: You have all the best of the most prolific expressions from Classical Feats to Digital Revolutions in the arts at your fingertips and into your home.

This journey is bold and beautiful yet meek and charming in the folds of a priesthood of procuring original intent. When the hunt for truth binds you in a prison of no cash, suddenly you come alive with the hope of the origin. The panic of not having light in days where dark wars were fought, we take the privilege to take you back to the origin of the words brushstrokes tell. Since a thousand days are held in one unique breath of a day, so too are the numerous ways one can procure their fair use of antiquity. Please be sure to subscribe to our news list for up and coming prizes, like a chance to win $25K in funding for your own home, own business or public cause. We do not discriminate in how one uses the prize, as long as they are honest in vision. Please subscribe today and let me give you a chance at $25K.


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