Over the span of 20 years, I have gone from work for industrial companies, to lead director and president of a 10 Billion dollar company with zero stock options.

How did I do it?


This Xcellent Radio podcast will outline one of many lessons to come that shed light on our Zero Loss ideology, and the premiere focus of our mastermind system, of training elite actors in the business world, from recruitment as fools.


We are so confidence you will get like results if you take the patience, and suggested 9 month journey of birthing a new mindset with our system.

Please take about 40 Minutes to take some notes and activate the birthing process to come.

#1 Reason for Lack

Everywhere there is protest; because the very nature of the earth is protesting against the people. Is it because there is not enough money? Is it racial?

Today you don't even have to look at these factors; because what nature testifies is that there is more than enough to solve these problems. What it comes down to is the truth that creates these problems and gold isn't the problem.

Nearly all low to middle income families, making as much as 5-6 figure incomes, spend more than 60% on themselves with little for savings and nearly all going to the debt they chose in haste. That is really not even the crux of the reason why billions of people cannot get out of a job or succeed at business. The real number one reason comes down to a choice you have to consider today or continue the treadmill of endless labor.

Return of the

Early Church

This 38 Minute Debut is entitled "Return of the Early Church." A hand crafted, digital composition, of original procurement of the best musical compositions, procured by resident DJ, Tav Bevan. Take a rare glimpse in this proficient and harmonious blend.


This stunning array of deep bass, high resonating praise, and epic arrays of captures of abasing persecution, and resurgence of a stronger, more balanced, guardian of the faith; will sure to cause you to arise in confidence and hide this most precious gift in your heart.

Inspired by the martyrdom of early believers, and the battle that won the legalization of the Christian faith throughout  the Roman Empire, and into the rise of the reformation is precisely the influence of the Master, felt in spoken guidance that designed this feat.

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