Stamp of Approval

This featured short film is a melodic blend of stunning hand-crafted, digital music, and procured self directed film production from the brilliance of co-authored, pilot development, from throne room encounters with new views from Jesus.

History only holds room for such modern portrayals of Jesus, and his advent to create all things new, through his just triumph at the cross, and to usher in a new realm of theatrical effects that make you marvel, at just how advanced heaven is in partnership with the earth to bring techno thrill, and creativity to a very rare moment to adjust to the breath of God, for this age. An unrivaled masterpiece that builds on the fair use procurement of Mel Gipson's film the "Passion of the Christ", redirected in a 100% authenticity that keeps justice to originality, but perfects it.


This featured short film was my prediction of a renewed economy I could see of the new presidency, foreseen in 2014. I knew by a predictive amount of foresight that the new world order would kick up a whirl wind of dirt on a president that would represent those seeking a new economy, and that there would be no winning merit in this person; but the redemptive value of gratuity of vote, by the age old story of one unique event in history, that would be patterned in this new presidency.

In 2014 I predicted with confidence, that this dirt would cloud voter expectation to the point, that a new man in office would be hidden from many, except for those who would give the benefit of a grace to honor the story he represents.

Tune into this rare, once-in-a-life-time prediction, of a two term president, that will crush the world system, and usher in change to what you expect.

5th Dimension 100X Prophesy



Few know the timing of Judgement, even predicted by President Washington, in a Dream he had on the battle field of a future war with Russia.

In a unique dream I saw this invasion, and was awakened by the witness of the Holy Spirit, that this event would indeed happen. In over 36 hour fast from sleep, I stepped into a trance, where the throne room of God entered my home, and Jesus taught from scripture these events, found in the book of Daniel. The timing of events has been shrouded in heresy, that places these future events as past tense events, that happened with different nations, and times; however you will gain safety, and comfort, and the armed focus found in this short film for your children's future and your inheritance.


In the Spring before North Korea's time of scare to this nation; God showed me a rather unique view of this nation that would play out in the time to come. He told me in April, that July would be the height of tension between the two nations, and that harvest would be the beginning of a time where weapons would be turned into plow sheers.


That July 4th would be a time where N. Korean would show it's time of perfecting nuclear capability, in the strongest test performed by that nation.

There is more to the story than most head line news attempts to predict; largely because of a lens clouded by hate for this nation bound in past fear.

Watch this shocking story unfold as you anticipate, and pray in agreement for the process of peace to unfold, over the span of a predicted future of restoration.